May 4th, 2005

Wedding day

Let me finish my bowl of Mrs. Hockenburger's® Potato Flakes™, Kent.

Last night I went to Janesville and hung out with Tom. I made him read the script for Captain Spleen: The Audio Drama (which needs a better name), and Tom -- Tom who is usually overly critical of anything his friends do -- liked it. Editing is practically finished since I do so much revision while I'm writing (which they say you're not s'posed to do), so as soon as I buy myself an actual, genuine mic stand, I can start recording.

Actual dates to begin recording are up in the air, of course, but I'd like to start soon enough to finish before I have to move (which is a few months off, but still...). Does anybody want to read funny dialogue into a microphone for free?

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Also on the subject of ridiculous production ideas, my friend matt_william wants to remake Plan 9 from Outer Space. He'd even like to cast me as the alien ruler. This (though I haven't left him a comment stating so yet) is an incredibly entertaining idea and I'm flattered to be considered. I'll even start practicing my pronunciation of the word "pineal" in anticipation of the role. Pinn-yull. Pih-NEE-uhl. Pinny-ul.
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