April 30th, 2005

Wedding day


So Tom and I saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Friday night. Overall, my reaction was good. Very, very different from any previos version of the story, but otherwise pretty good.

Here is how people will react to the film:
  1. Non-fans will enjoy it, but may be confused by the spasmodic style.

  2. Fans who expect to have a good time probably will, but will have lots of "what was that all about?!" moments.

  3. Fans who expect the worst will create it for themselves.
General observations first: Aesthetically, the film is stunning. The sets are imaginitive and beautiful (well, the Vogon ship isn't beautiful, but it's pretty darn neat). The lighting and camera work are uniquely exciting, and the music and sound are wonderful. I was wrong about Journey of the Sorcerer -- not only did it make the cut, but it's a gorgeous and well-placed arrangement. The acting is generally very good, but I'll talk about it under the cut.

If you want to keep an open mind about the movie, this is the place to stop reading. Collapse )

Having said all of that, it's a fun movie, and though the changes are substantial (oh, you didn't look under the cut? Sorry.), I am looking forward to the sequel, which is not a given at this point, but certainly an option they kept firmly in mind.

Anybody still reading might be interested in checking out this story about the book, the film, and everything which ran on NPR's Talk of the Nation on Thursday.
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Wedding day

At seven thirty-five in the morning.

I did absolutely nothing today, largely because I've slept so little the last two nights. I couldn't stay asleep for most of Thursday night, and this morning I went to bed around 4:00, and was wide awake around nine. I took it easy most of the day, took a nap in the afternoon which has helped, and have felt generally sluggish. I decided I should get out of the house, so I took a walk and went grocery shopping afterward. Common sense tells me I should not go to Rocky Horror tonight, but I think I probably will.

Yesterday I took some time off in the afternoon to get some new glasses. I have the option of getting eyecare insurance from work, but I did the math and it costs me less simply to go to Eyemart, pay for an exam, and buy the glasses at full price. This took about two hours out of my workday, and I was glad of this, thanks to the workflow being really slow. I left mid-afternoon as things were dying down, and came back just in time to have my last hour and a half be fairly busy.

After work, of course, I saw the movie, and then I went to april_tehe's party. I didn't know anybody, but I had a pretty good, thanks in part to the extremely intoxicated dirty hippie who kept bugging me, first about what kind of music I listen to ("Oh, Zappa. Yeah, he's alt-pop, like Sabbath and Ace of Base..."), and then about Led Zepplin albums. I was entertained, mostly because everybody else was horrified by him. He accosted one guy I was talking to and called him "Nancy Bush" for liking Coldplay. Asked who Nancy Bush is, he explained that "Nancy" is easier to say than "Nazi," which is what he meant. He also railed on for a good ten minutes about how white people shouldn't give high fives ("It's not right, man! It's racist! That's what Bootsy Collins was talking about!"). It was a little intimidating when he was venting at me about Ben Folds being a sucka, but it was pretty entertaining when he was doing it to somebody else.

Anyway, I'm going to post this, and then I'm going to find something to do until Rocky Horror. I'll leave you with a few links worth checking out:
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