April 6th, 2005

Wedding day

"On the 23rd day of the month of September..."

I just got back from showing Little Shop of Horrors to Ellen.

She hadn't seen it before.

Now I understand that not everybody has seen Little Shop of Horrors. Some people have been living under rocks. Others are probably offended by the depiction of all-American, golden-boy Rick Moranis a courderoy-wearing, glasses-adjusting, dweeb. Ellen, on the other hand -- Ellen the human pop culture encyclopædia and Simpsons-goddess extraordinare -- How she managed to miss out on it, I'll never understand.

I think she enjoyed it. And I'm so looking forward to bringing a copy of Dentist! to practice next week for Offbeat to preview. They think I should have a song to solo on, and I want that one.
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