March 25th, 2005

Wedding day

I don't see what's so good about Friday.

I didn't run out of work today, but there's only so much workflow in the banking industry on Good Friday.

I got talked into ordering lunch from a certain fancy burger restaurant which one of you (hey Blythe!) works at, part-time. Anyway, I asked for my meat to be cooked "really really well done," but when it arrived, the burger was so rare that it tried to strike up a conversation with me. I thought perhaps that it was ordered incorrectly, but the receipt showed the special order "no pink," and I'm not sure how that got misconstrued as "dangerous." They made me a new one which I picked up since they're close by and I was going out anyway. I got a consolatory gift certificate out of it.

My food had cooled before I felt like eating it, but at least it was good and dead.

I'm not sure of my plans for tonight. I'm trying to beat myself up into going to rob_matsushita's Welcome to the Terrordome which is being performed at Kanopy Dance Studio tonight and Saturday. I love Rob's work and this is the last weekend for this play, but I've just had a hard time getting myself to actually go to plays of late. This one's $15 and 8:00 in case anyone's interested, but I fully expect I'll be going alone if I go at all -- I'm not sure, given the state of things in general, that I really want to watch a play about the torture of a teenage girl. Sometimes I wish I had someone who would nudge me into going out and doing these things.

If I don't go to the play, I'll probably watch the family-friendly version of The Passion of the Christ. I hear it's basically the same as the other one, except that Judas shoots first.*

Regardless, here's one of my occasional Friday Link Dumps. Enjoy.
  • Schoolhouse Rock ain't got nothin' on this completely unauthorized Flash video for The Bloodmobile.

  • Check out Chalk Pie, an unreleased Frank Zappa album, presented here in its entirety.

  • Star Wars gets pwned (or something in .WMV format).

  • Don't Copy that Floppy! If appealing to the pirates' moral side doesn't deter them, the rap music certainly will. Also .WMV.

  • Here's an archive dedicated to The Mundanes, John Linnell's pre-TMBG new-wave band.

  • Guess who scored 100% on the Leisure Suit Larry quiz? I wish that were something to brag about.
You're dismissed.

* Apologies to the Christians and Star Wars fans in my audience, also to evil_jim who's read that joke three times now.
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