March 4th, 2005

Wedding day

Damn it.

Damn it.

Do you see what time it is? Do you see when this friggin' post was friggin' made?

So do I.

Some of The Boys went out around 9:30 or so to the bar. They came back around 2:30 and the noise hasn't stopped. I opened my door a little while ago to see if xoshua might be working on his computer. He isn't, but I can hear that there are other people down there too, at least one girl and a guy whose voice I don't recognize. She's probably Nate's cousin who lives downstairs. There might be (and probably are) more people.

If Josh had been sitting out there, I'd have sent him downstairs to quiet them down, but I'm not going down myself because they're probably somewhat inebriated and would need to be reminded every three minutes.

Incidentally, the stereo is thumping bass and my windows are rattling (so I guess there must be at least two girls, since the other girl who lives downstairs couldn't sleep in this), and it sounds like this, only louder. It's been the same eight notes repeated over and over for about fifteen minutes now.

Don't these people have to work in the morning? I have to get up at six. So far I've lost out on what, about an hour and 39 minutes of sleep? I'd put in those blaze orange earplugs I discovered in my ears a little while ago, but I've been awoken by a shambling drunk entering my room on his quest for the bathroom before (an impressive trick if you consider how far my room is from the bathroom), and I want to be able to hear it if it happens again.

** ADDENDUM ** So I put in the earplugs, and they didn't really help.
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