February 9th, 2005

Wedding day

People are bigger jerks than usual when it snows.

They are. The roads aren't that bad, but after waiting through two traffic light cycles with my turn signal on, I eventually chose the Brute Force method to muscle across two lanes in front of a Buick and a Tahoe (which honked profusely) to make a left turn. Sometimes you have to do this, and you can get away with it in situations where traffic is crawling and everyone has ample time to react. I think it's mostle because everybody else has more regard for their vehicle than I do. No, I care about my car. I'd like it to last at least until I pay it off. But I don't care about their cars, and if they hit me, hey, I signaled.

It's my boss' birthday today, and the dry erase board says "Happy Birthday Boss! -- 29 and Holding!" I'm running out of clever, work-safe things to write in people's birthday cards and the best I could do was "Congrats on your AARP membership! Happy birthday." She's probably going to want to order from somewhere or go out. I packed my lunch, but a sub from Milio's sounds pretty good, too. I probably should not go out, since Ellen's coming over tonight and I promised to make dinner. I need to decide what to make, then go grocery shopping on my lunchbreak.

Incidentally, if you've got a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, I strongly recommend that you pick up Bar None's reissue of Dead Dog's Eyeball, K. McCarty's tribute to the prolific and unique Daniel Johnston. It's one of the best albums I own, and I was really happy to have found it used awhile back because I didn't think would ever get a rerelease (ten years -- who knew?). Now I'm going to have to buy it again because the reissue has extra tracks and QuickTime videos. Dead Dog's Eyeball is a great introduction to the songs for people who were turned off by the extremely low-fi, basement tape-recordings of Daniel Johnston's original albums.
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Wedding day

I think it's time for me to go home.

While I was at Best Buy on my lunchbreak, I heard the following announcement over the intercom:
"Because the goddamn computer won't work... It's not my goddamn fault... What?"
None of the other shoppers even seemed to notice, but the store employees were horrified.

Then, about five minutes ago, I got to hear this lovely exchange:
Random coworker: G'nite! I hope you have a happy birthday!

My boss: I will if I get laid tonight.
Yeah. Definitely time to go home.
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