January 28th, 2005

Wedding day

The difference between fun bad movies and bad bad movies

Just waiting to be picked up for B-Fest now... 24 hours of B-movies sounds daunting, but I can handle it. I checked out the schedule on the B-Fest website, and I've pasted it Collapse ) Yes, I'm somewhat frightened of watching Death Wish 3 and Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo, the former because of its mention in TMBG's theme for the Anaheim House of Blues (lyrics here), the latter because, well, who isn't?

Our plans for the day have undergone a major change because the house we were hoping to stay at may not be available after all, but the operative word in that sentence is "may." We'll play it by ear, I guess. Something like this always seems to happen.

In similar bad movie news, I notice that Alone in the Dark opens today. I really want it to not suck (no really, I do), but Hollywood has never been good at adapting Lovecraft (or in this case, video games inspired by Lovecraft), so I don't hold out much faith. General consensus online seems to match this review from the Internet Movie Database which states that "[t]his is quite possibly the worst film I've seen period and I used to work for Troma." Ouch.

The trailer is full of Christian Slater and Tara Reid kicking ass which, if you know HPL's works, just doesn't fit. Some day I'd like to see a good studio-backed feature film based on his works, but the best I'm aware of is the not very well-liked In the Mouth of Madness. Hollywood thrives on sex, action, and badass heroes with rippling muscles. HPL is all about quiet atmospheres of creeping insanity and effeminate college professors. There's no real semblance between the Cthulhu mythos and any pre-existing religion but Hollywood always has to draw parallels to Christian theology by inserting words like "Hell," "Satan," and "demons" just in case we don't get it. This cheapens the effect in ways you wouldn't understand if you've never read him.

Anyway, AITD: The Movie is gonna suck, and if anybody wants to waste $8.50 at it I'll gladly hate it with you, but it's the kind of movie that Sean tends to buy on DVD without seeing it first, so I'll probably see it in a few months anyway.
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