January 5th, 2005

Wedding day

Wow, weather sucks.

For those not living in southern Wisconsin, we got "two to four inches" of snow last night. Do you care? No? I'm sorry but I'll be writing about it anyway.

My friend Jon says that there are three types of people who drive in snow. First, there are those who panic the first time the temperature drops below 40° and halve their speed accordingly. Second, there are those who completely disregard dangerous driving conditions and maybe (maybe) slow down to the speed limit in heavy snow. People who drive cars like to stereotype these as SUV and pickup owners. I hate to agree but based on this morning's experience, I have to. During my nine-mile drive, the only vehicle that fishtailed in front of me was a Tahoe that braked to pass a police car in front of East High School, and the only two vehicles I saw in the ditch were trucks.

The third type of driver is sound and rational, but we never see each other because we're too busy dodging the first type of driver and staying out of the way of the second.

Jerks, all of them.
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