December 26th, 2004

Wedding day

'Tis the season to catch up on movies

I had this long and borning description of my Christmas which I was going to post earlier in the evening, but I decided not to post it yet. Now that I'm home I've thought better of it, so I've written a less cranky post. Both are boring, but should you wish to read the boringer one, Collapse )

I hope all y'all have had good Christmas weekends. Mine was quiet, and that's a good thing. I left work at 1:00 on Friday and headed straight to my parents' house. Historically my mom's family has always gathered at our place, but this year my uncle decided that between the relative inconvenience of the new location and his five-month old's nerves, it might be better to do Christmas over there instead.

As a result, the usual flurry of cleaning and cooking wasn't an issue. My sister and I had a leisurely afternoon of wrapping presents, and lter in the evening we watched Napoleon Dynamite with my dad. I hadn't seen the movie when it was in theaters, and it was every bit as excellent as everyone was saying a few months back in their own journals. Not really a Christmas movie, but then, we watched The Big Lebowski on Thanksgiving, so that's my family for you.

On Christmas day we woke with mixed emotions of pleased surprise and churlish irritability thanks to the first real accumulation of snow since last winter. We went to Whitewater to visit my aunt and uncle. Gifts were exchanged and the food was excellent, but it was fairly rushed because our hosts had another engagement to attend at 3:00. Still, it was good to talk to everyone, even if I didn't get to see as much of them as I'd have liked. One of my cousins who rarely attends family gatherings was there. He's 20 (a month younger than my sister) and has a son who is four. He's usually working so we don't get to see him with his son. At one time I was thankful that his mom was there to play full-time backup parent. By now my sister and I are very impressed that he's the most competent young parent we've ever seen. Good for him.

Anyway, Saturday night was spent quietly at home. We marvelled at the lameness of Christmas PBS programming ("Doris and I are so pleased to be here on Lawrence Welk with our sons Spanky and Clarence, and our daughter, Myrtle."), and exchanged gifts. Mostly I got practical items, which is exactly the sort of gift I like to get. My sister and I gave our parents a new stereo system, a couple of DVDs, and a few miscellaneous trinkets. I gave my sister a copy of America (The Book), and she gave me a really nice harmonica in B flat. Like, really nice. Like, I feel really bad for having given her that crappy one which doesn't even say what key it's in. We finished out the evening by watching About Schmidt (which I'd also never seen), and I got home late.

Today... I did nothing. I discovered that one of my bastard housemates ate some of my precious food (it's mine, dammit). Was it xoshua? He says no, and I believe him. Nate? Nate also says it wasn't him, and he's usually sheepishly honest about that stuff, so it must have been Sean. I'm trying to decide when to kill Sean in his sleep, but he hasn't collected money for our utility bill yet, and I want to make sure all the bills are sent out first.

Uh, where was I? Oh yes, digressing. I felt lousy this afternoon, took a nap, and woke up with a splitting headache which I attribute to caffeine withdrawal. Undaunted, I went to Ellen's and we saw The Incredibles. We'd been considering some of the more recent releases, but those of you who have seen The Incredibles (primarly devianttouch, wendybyrd and agaysexicon) had talked it up so much that we decided to catch it before it left theaters. The verdict? It's at least as good as y'all had promised.

Yikes, it's 11:30. I'm really tired and tomorrow I start coming in half an hour earlier than I have been. I should probably wrap this up and get some sleep. Um, in conclusion, merry Sunday, stay in school, say "no" to drugs, and Hal and Jim, if you haven't noticed yet, I've critiqued my most recent acquisitions from Mitsuwa Marketplace. I haven't tried God Coffee yet because I'm afraid of it.
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