December 23rd, 2004

Wedding day

"Sir, a nosebleed is not an emergency" and other dangerous lies. (Now with free mix CD!)

Oi. What a hectic day. What a hectic couple of days. My saviors have been hanging out with Ellen last night and going out to dinner with my father this evening. Other than those things the tasks have been daunting, the idiots blithering, and the car carriers blocking residential streets just before midnight more numerous than usual. Seriously, last night I came home from Ellen's to find traffic backed up on Gorham street because a semi hauling a car carrier had somehow found its way off East Wash (I assume), and I got to watch it maneuver itself onto Livingston Street for about twenty minutes.

When I say I got to watch it maneuver itself, I mean that I got to watch the back of the car in front of me. The guy pulling the car carrier couldn't have picked a worse place to try to rejoin the highway, either. Livingston is narrower than the column of text you're reading now, and it's hard enough for two vehicles going in opposite directions to pass each other without one of them being ginormous.

Yeah, it was only twenty minutes, but I only got to go through after the guy in front of me (who was blocking the intersection) gave up and made a left turn. When I parked on the street, the cars were just beginning to move. Otherwise, Ellen and I had had a lovely night. We watched a cartoon about nosebleeds. It was romantic. We don't see each other again until Sunday, when we've decided to finally get around to seeing The Incredibles.

Today my workload was fairly overwhelming, and the opportunity to take a lunchbreak didn't come until about 3:00. Normally this is a bad time of day to drive the commerical areas of the East Side if you're in a hurry. Today? Today it took me ten minutes to travel four blocks, at which point I turned off East Wash and took an alternate route. I can't imagine what driving tomorrow is going to be like. I don't really want to.

Tonight I went to dinner with my father, wrapped some presents, and am getting ready for the weekend. Anyway, since I'm such a great guy, I've culled a whole bunch of Holiday-themed MP3s from the web and assembled them into a Christmas mix. All are free, legal downloads, though some may not be available to those of you rereading this post next March. This is what I'll be listening to tomorrow as I feign holiday cheer. Collapse )
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