December 6th, 2004

Wedding day

Midautumn Mitsuwa

Offbeat's not practicing tonight, which is good because I've had about all the excitement I can handle for the moment. Gosh, I hope they're not meeting without me to discuss kicking me out of the group. Perhaps I'm just being pessimistic, but it's a little difficult not to be, what with the Shrimp Cookie, and getting my tire replaced. One of my tires was pretty flat this morning, and I left work around 11:00 to have it taken care of. I asked them to repair it if possible, but I could tell by looking that a repair wouldn't be safe. Sure enough, the mechanic called me over to show me why it wouldn't be safe.

Anyway, it's taken care of, and everything (other than the deer-damage (which gets taken care of on Thursday)) is fine now. Shimp Cookie is still nasty. Otherwise, I am trying, unsuccessfully, to clean my closet (see many previous entries). The decision has been made. That crap that I've been holding on to and trying to get rid of? It goes. That's it. It just goes, probably to St. Vinnie's, unless I can eBay it in another "Box of Stuff." I'm not getting rid of anything you would want.

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