December 5th, 2004

Wedding day

...and they leave little bits of dehydrated shrimp between my teeth.

Q: What's Japanese, comes in a bag labeled "Shrimp Cookie," and is incredibly nasty?
A: Japanese Shrimp Cookie!
I like cookies. I like shrimp. Though it's a huge generalization for me to make, I like the Japanese. But damn. Shimp cookie. I don't get it. Shrimp chips are okay. Shrimp cookie, however? Barf out. Gag me with a spoon. Gross. I am sure. Totally.

I can't stop eating these things. I keep closing the bag, and then I reopen it a few minutes later because they can't be that bad. But then I remember that they are.

Other than that, today's trip to Mitsuwa was good (though expensive). I'll discuss it more later, but for the moment, I'ma go to bed.

These things are so disgusting. Worse than Calorie Mate Food Block.
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