December 3rd, 2004

Wedding day

Performance went well. Here are some links.

So last night's performance went pretty well. My throat felt like crap through the evening, but I made it and everything came out okay. We were singing for a fairly informal company Christmas party, and it took a couple of songs for the audience to settle down and listen. We did a few Christmas songs and a few not-Christmas songs. I made an off-color joke about being just like coffee, except not hot or black. It made sense in context.

After our set, the company president gave a speech which included a reading of selections from The Darwin Awards (seriously), and they said grace which would never have happened at any other workplace Christmas party I've ever been to. As we were packing up, people told us that they'd enjoyed the performance.

When I got home, John and Lance were over. Revenge of the Nerds was on, so I watched it to be social, and when it was over, I went to bed. I swear my night was more interesting than it looks in print.

In any case, I'd like to share with you this brilliant primer on communication skills. tlhinganhom linked to it in a comment she left me yesterday, and I think you'd all benefit from checking it out, :). The rest of the site is pretty entertaining, too.

After you've looked at that, you should check out this book report on How to Kill a Mockingbird.
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