November 16th, 2004

Wedding day

"It'd be like following the Grateful Dead, except Nicole Kidman's probably not as hairy."

I just got back from Janesville, where Tom and I had dinner and saw a movie. I can't recall the name of the Chinese buffet we went to (does it really matter when you're in Janesville, Wisconsin?), but my fortune cookie read as follows:

A way out of a financial mess
is discovered as if by magic!
Lucky Numbers 10, 20,35,30,40,45

Compare this with my horoscope for today from the Wisconsin State Journal:

Gemini (⅔ through May to ⅔ through June): Don't do nothin' stupid with your money, stupid.
I paraphrased that from memory because I couldn't find it online, but that was the gist of it. I don't think it actually contained the word "stupid," but it's probably safe to make that kind of generalization about anyone who needs to read a horoscope religiously to keep from throwing away money.

Depending on how you take those pieces of advice, they could be considered contradictory. On the other hand, maybe they're telling me to spend money on crap at Still, it's late enough as I write this that it wouldn't hurt to stay up just late enough to see what they're selling tomorrow...

Um, moving along, Tom and I saw Birth. In Janesville. If this doesn't surprise you, well, you don't know enough about Janesville, which is the sort of place that likes Adam Sandler movies and anything with explosions. Anyway, the story ends up being a tad clumsy at the end, but overall it's an interesting and engaging film. Plot summary: Nicole Kidman plays a widow who, after accepting a marriage proposal, meets a ten-year-old boy who claims to be her deceased husband. That's my plot summary. I'm looking at reviews now, and they pretty much sum up the film like this: "Nicole Kidman takes a bath with a kid."

It was a good film. Creepy in a "gee, I wish Nicole Kidman had bathed with me when I was ten" kind of way. Ms. Kidman and the kid (Cameron Bright) were both good for their roles, though I don't think it's too taxing for a ten-year-old to to give that kind of performance. The soundtrack (by Alexandre Desplat with whom I'm totally unfamiliar) is gorgeous. A few minutes into the film I realized that it looked and felt a lot like Sexy Beast, which I saw when it came out. Guess what? Jonathan Glazer directed both. His name didn't ring a bell at first, but I looked him up when I got home. I think Sexy Beast was the better of the two films, but I recognized Mr. Glazer's style after having seen Sexy Beast once, four years ago. He's two for two right now, so I think he'll be worth keeping an eye on.

Oh, before the movie we saw the teaser for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's slightly different than the one I linked a couple of months ago, but I think everyone in the theater who happened to be me or Tom was excited.

After I got home april_tehe called, and it was good to hear from her. I'm starting to realize how boring I am on the phone, though. I think I need to start making stuff up to spice up my replies to "what's new in your life?" Just for the record, are you kids going to want a disclaimer when I'm lying about my recent accomplishments, or should I just nonchalantly start telling Baron Munchausen stories in normal conversation?
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