November 11th, 2004

Wedding day

Freudian Slit.

I'm sorry, the subject of this post was supposed to be "Freudian Slut." "Freudian Slot." "Faux pas." We'll get to that later, though. First, I improved that icon you didn't understand. Does this do anything for anybody?

Didn't think so, but at least it has the effect I originally intended.

Anyway, just to fill up your Friends page, here are (parts of) a couple of screen captures I made at work today. I know I mentioned some time ago that the company's internal website has a section where employees can place classified ads. I was checking them out this morning when I stumbled upon an item whose description struck my as funny. I made a screen capture, sent it to one of my friends, and then later in the day I decided it would be fun to stick on my journal. I went back and discovered that the description had been changed, and then I realized that I still had the original screen capture in my Sent Mail folder.

Collapse )

Obviously Dick is trying to ask for firewood, but after being alerted to the double entendre, he must have tried (unsuccessfully) to fix it. I should probably blur his name, but I figure if left alone his first and last names should tickle both the twelve-year-old and easily-amused punster in you, respectively.

On a different topic, I've had unposted United Way Casual Jeans Day pictures for awhile now. I'll get around to those real soon. Promise.
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