November 10th, 2004

Wedding day

Chapped lips, animal fat and you.

Around this time of year I always end up with split lips. It doesn't matter how much water I drink (or how much coffee I eliminate from my daily intake to accomodate water retension (grrr)) or how much Chapstick I use, I still always end up with chapped and eventually cracked lips by the end of November.

I forgot to bring some lip balm to work, but I found an old tube of Softlips Brand Lip-Protectant Sunscreen (SPF 20) which was given to my at some point by Jessica the Snowboarder. None of you would remember Jessica the Snowboarder (not her real last name), but she made me late to a couple of Tiny Fools cast meetings back in the day (which should tell you that this tube of Softlips is almost three years old). In fact, I see an expiration date on one end: "04/04." I imagine that the expiration date announces the half-life of the sunscreen, but it may also mean that it's made from animal fat which eventually goes rancid. Could bacteria be breeding on it? Probably, since you can get last year's cold sores from last year's Carmex. Still, I don't think I ever used it when I was sick, and I think it would be nice to be able to open my mouth all the way...

Okay, I applied it anyway. If I die from some mutant oral infection which has not yet been encountered by medical science, you know why. The label on the tube doesn't say anything about being made from animal fat, but products like this frequently are. If you ever wonder how people can possibly become vegan, do a little research on the products you use (Junior Mints, anyone?).
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