November 4th, 2004

Commander Keen

Anybody want a copy of the Commander Keen soundtrack?

Wow. Dumb All Over is eating up a lot of bandwidth. I wish I'd put together a better recording, but I got home so late last night that I decided to do it with no frills or sound effects like I'd originally planned. Despite the time given on the post, I didn't actually finish recording vocals until about 1:00 AM. The rest of the house was sleeping, so singing the chorus was out of the question and I had to do the final mix on headphones. Bad idea, but it was downloaded enough times before I heard it over a different stereo that I'm not going to change it. Maybe sometime in the future, but maybe not.

Nate left for his family's cabin this afternoon, and when this happens Moofasa gets pretty lonely (sometimes to the point of being civil). We don't normally let him upstairs but sometimes I consider allowing him to spend the night up here. It never actually happens, though.

Tonight we couldn't find Moofasa, and it was speculated that he might have gotten upstairs. My closet is the only place where he might be able to hide, so I downloaded a bunch of cat sound effects which usually coax him out. He didn't come though, so I assumed he was elsewhere.

Eventually I started working on making a soundtrack CD for Commander Keen, episodes 4-6. Remember Commander Keen? Neither do I. I wish this computer could play those games reliably. Anyway, I was working on one of the tracks when he suddenly emerged from my closet hissing. Apparently he really hates this sound. I blocked my closet door shut and I'm letting him do whatever it his he does in my room, but he's trying to chew on the electrical cords so I think he's going downstairs before bedtime.

Incidentally, the Commander Keen CD was inspired by this remix of the Slug Village music from CK4: Goodbye, Galaxy!. It's definitely worth checking out. evil_jim, you might like it.
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