October 29th, 2004

Wedding day

Us: The Nostalgia Files

People wore costumes at work today. I brought in my Count Bakula mask, and was informed (somewhat to my chagrin) that Count Bakula is not an original idea. I don't know where else it has appeared, but I remember the joke from an interview I accidentally stumbled upon a few years back (the Count Bakula quote is near the bottom). Anyway, other than the costumes, today was really quiet and boring. I think the weather was getting people down. My friend Heather was all excited that she dressed up as the penguin disguised as a chicken from Wallace and Grommit, and that's been the highlight of my day.

Last night while I was selecting eBay-worthy stuff from my closet, I stumbled upon a few mix CDs I'd forgotten about. Namely I'm talking about the Us CDs. Back in The Day when consumer grade CD-R drives were a brand-new thing and people still called them "CD-R drives," Us decided it would be really cool to make a mix CD. The tracklist was arduously decided by committee, the artwork was painstakingly designed by Keith (whose website, amazingly, is still up), and I burned the CDs which were finished in early Fall of 1998. We thought we were pretty hot stuff.

We made a second CD in 1999, and probably made a couple of abortive attempts at choosing tracks for a third. We worked on a few other projects, none of which ever reached completion, and eventually Us fell apart for really stupid reasons ("You got your Craig in my Alice!" "You got your Alice all over my Craig!"). Still, if there's one part of my life about which I get really nostalgic, it's that first year or two after I graduated high school, and I do miss all those good times on the way to Rocky Horror or Sitel or Denny's belting out Flagpole Sitta. Actually, Denny's was usually part of the picture, whether it was post-Rocky or post-picking Robert up from Sitel.

I thought it would be a nice stroll down Memory Lane to listen to those CDs at work. Collapse )
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