October 21st, 2004

Wedding day

Damn my DVD player!

So this afternoon I arrived home from work and discovered my copy of the Splu Urtaf DVD set had arrived. Oh, I didn't tell you that I'd ordered it? Well I did. The price has been lowered (for a limited time only!), and when I took the jar of change on my dresser to the bank last week to be counted, I decided that I could at last justify the purchase of the greatest sketch comedy ever to be titled after someone named Splu (the competition's not that fierce -- Saturday Night Splu and SpluCTV aren't out on DVD (yet). Mr. Splu is and so is Kids in the Splu, but I may have just made those up. Gosh, if I keep typing in parenthesis, I could make this sentence go on forever. I won't, though.).

Anyway, I had plans tonight, and when I finally got home, I popped in DVD number one. All was well for about fifteen minutes, and then the picture started to have problems. The sound cut in and out for a few minutes, and then the DVD ground to a halt. Literally. There was a hideous grinding sound, and then the player spit the disc out and displayed a "Check disc" message on screen. The same thing happened with the second disc. Both had the same problem on my PC.

I've seen this before.

There's nothing wrong with the DVDs. I took them downstairs and tried them in the living room to make sure. No, this happens with certain recordable DVDs in my player. It doesn't seem to be tied to the brand of media, it just happens with some DVDs and not others. I want to test them again tomorrow (when I don't run the risk of waking people up), but I'm almost positive that the problem is with my player and not the discs. This is a problem I'm encountering more and more as I get more and more stuff on DVD-Rs. My player doesn't like VCDs either. Maybe it's time to get a new DVD player. Off-brand players are relatively inexpensive these days, but that's at least fifty or sixty bucks I don't want to spend on a DVD player.

On the other hand, I can't watch the Stapling a Candle episode of Potpourri of Actions in my room until I get one.
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