October 20th, 2004

Wedding day

Ribs and Meat for President... 2016? Maybe?

I took the day off and got nothing done. I was feeling lousy and I was hoping to sleep in, but ribsinbacon woke me up with a text message that said "Presidential stomp" and I didn't get back to sleep after that. S'okay. I reminds me though -- do Ribs and I actually stand a chance in this election? It's doubtful at best. We were barred from participating in the major debates, and the minor ones weren't televised ("Sir, I submit to you that this coupon has no expiration date and is therefore redeemable any time and at any Wendy's location!"). Our campaign funds started to dwindle when Ribs moved out of Madison, so we haven't produced a TV spot since July. I get the feeling that we'll be lost in the third-party shuffle beside other fringe candidates like Love 22, the Rev. Billy Clegg, and Vermin Supreme.

For that matter, what's our stance on the issues?

I know for a fact (this sentence will be the kiss-of-death for our campaign, I know it) that we're divided on a lot of subjects (some political, others irrelevant (but still being hotly debated in the media)). Furthermore, is it even a good idea to run in 2004? I mean, we are running (gosh, I know I should put in some quotation marks here somewhere), but is this the best time to do it? Most people who are paying attention agree that the outcome of this election will have a major² influence on... well, everything and then some.

Maybe we need to wait a few years. I mean, we can't even legally hold the office until 2016, so perhaps we should consider backing off. In the meantime we can grow our support base, reach some kind of internal consensus on the issues, and re-emerge in a political atmosphere like the early late-'90s, when the loudest voices in Washington all sounded the same ('member the Republicrats?). Worst case scenario, if the American people are still allowed to vote (contingent on the outcome of this election, of course), we persuade John McCain to run. John's definitely a conservative, but he's obviously capable of thinking, and the opinions he voices are his own. He could maybe slide the political atmosphere to the left a bit (read: back toward the middle). Eventually the American People will be as ready for the Ribsin Bacon/Meat-A-Burst ticket as we are for them.

I just hope Barack Obama never runs because Ribs and I can't afford to have somebody in the White House who people actually like. If Obama wins, all of us mediocre candidates can pretty much say goodbye to our chances of landing even a city council position.
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