October 19th, 2004

Wedding day

At the last from inner Egypt came the dark, strange one to whom the fellahs bowed.

Quick post. Practice last night was not too bad. My throat was dead, and I saw about a million people I know at the mall, but luckily most of them ignored me, tlhinganhom being an exception. Yeah, we did okay and they still haven't kicked me out of the group. By now I think I can count on being a permanent fixture. Maybe next time I'll even ask you to come instead of staying away.

Anyway, see my fabulous new icon?

Work was slow this afternoon, so I did that with the help of Google, Adobe Acrobat Reader, JASC Animation Shop and the Print Screen key. It's a little sloppy but for some reason I'm terribly terribly happy with it. Purists (Hi evil_jim!) will complain that I'm using the wrong Elder Sign but I don't care. I think it looks cool, but I'm sure nobody else is interested. I just wanted to call attention to it. I won't make it my default, but I really don't use my icons and I've been thinking that I should

About a million points to anybody who knows the text being zoomed in on, but you only get 50,000 if you have to Google it.
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