October 18th, 2004

Wedding day

Weekend Update Strikes Back!

Right. So. What I did this weekend:
  • Friday night: All my badgering finally paid off, and I actually dragged people to see Flowers for Dubya. They all liked it a lot, and fuzzyinthehead even thinks you should go (check her journal). After the play I took a confusing phone call from Tom, dropped April and Liz off at the Union for the TPS dance, and Ellen and I went to dinner.

  • Saturday: I was very tired and in a very bad mood, probably thanks to the weather. Tom and Keith rode the bus up to Madison, and Ellen and I met up with them to see Michael Moore at the Union Terrace. It was terribly entertaining and he said pretty much what everybody expects him to say these days. Of special importance was his message to Nader supporters (paraphrased, Nader is a good guy with great ideas, but the primary focus for those who want Bush out of office should be getting Bush out of office). Others on my friends list were there (apparently), but we only ran into April who we lost in the crowd on the way out. She said Moore isn't a very good speaker, but I saw him when he toured for his book Downsize This!, and I remember him being much better. It's probably the difference between improv and reading excerpts. My ankles still hurt a great deal from standing on an incline for the better part of three hours.

  • Sunday: I did (approximately) seven minutes of manual labor, washed a load of laundry, and sat through The Alamo and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension. Neither one made a terribly strong impression as being either brilliant or awful. I remember renting Buckaroo Banzai a few years back with John. He made us turn it off, and so I went home and watched it on my own. I was indifferent to it, but after hearing such rave reviews from a couple of other people recently, I decided to give it another try. Not impressed. Not repulsed. The title of the movie got me thinking about the often talked about but never written Adventures of Kickass McBeatemup. I may have to revive that idea. And Captain Spleen ]I[. And Rhubarb Bunnywing.

  • Monday: Monday is actually not part of the weekend, in case you didn't know. Anyway, Offbeat probably practices on State Street tonight. It was either there or East Towne Mall, but we had to get permission to sing at the mall who want to schedule (but not publicize) our appearance rather than have us come in unannounced (but unpublicized). You can come if you want, but it looks like it's gonna be cold, rainy, and possibly cancelled on account of it being cold and rainy. If you're interested (Hi Mom and Ellen!), it might be a better idea to wait for an actual, genuine, scheduled gig. That or East Towne.
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**ADDENDUM** Never mind, we are singing at the mall just after 7:00. It's too cold and rainy out though, so I suggest you stay in and watch the copy of Stir of Echos you've been meaning to return to Dana for six months.
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