September 14th, 2004

Wedding day

Colin vs. Army of Dumbness

Yowza. I should just give up on getting anything done today. As I mentioned earlier in the year, Visa has been making major changes in the way their disputes are processed. One of the changes is an online documentation imaging system for which we all need scanners. The new scanners came today, and I haven't been able to use mine yet because of all the constant interruptions from people who ask for help but are totally unwilling to accept it.

There comes a point when an explanation becomes too difficult. The explanation of one thing requires elaboration on another, which also has facets that need clarification... If diagrammed, these discussions would look something like a tree, each detail branching into other details, each having its own branches of footnotes, justifications and annotations. When I realize that a conversation is headed in this direction, I usually evaluate it quickly, and if it's not a life or death situation, I simply clam up and say that I don't know.

Sometimes this is totally the wrong thing to do.

Today it was a discussion about where temporary work files should be stored. I suggested that one of my coworkers create a folder on her desktop and clear its contents regularly. Somebody else became horrified at the idea that I was making changes to the contents of my C: drive. "The fat guy on TechTV says that's where your computer keeps its brain!"

At times like this, it's hard to keep my cool. I sweat. I grit my teeth. I suppress the urge to belt the offender about the mouth and mouth her about the belt. I curse Leo Laporte for being innocently misinterpreted. If I were some moody sixteen-year-old with a fondness for black fingernail polish I'd say something like ".-~=*sigh*=~-." I'm not though, so I'll have to content myself with an erroneous feeling of superiority.

Thankfully, this is all taken care of now. By "taken care of" I mean "out of my hands." Our hideously overworked network guy will be getting an e-mail soon asking that he make all C: drives read-only. I'm sorry, but I'm just going to let him stew over how to respond to that one.

Also on the subject of work, tomorrow is another United Way Casual Day here. You can get the Special-Edition Director's Cut of the e-mails I sent out Collapse )

Oh, and Ash, I'm sorry about the subject of this post. As far as I'm concerned, a definition becomes valid when it worms its way into common usage.

Also, in case anybody cared, Offbeat didn't kick me out of the group immediately after our first practice. They did it in the middle.
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