September 9th, 2004

Wedding day

"Prepare to embrace your creators in the stygian haunts of hell, dress code!"

First of all, 8 points to anyone who knows the origin of the subject of this post. 30 points to anyone who knows the other place it comes from.

My intent was never for my livejournal to become "The Wide World of DVDs Nobody Likes," but in case anyone cares, Track Down (renamed from Hackers 2: Takedown) is finally getting a U.S. DVD release on Septmber 28th. 2600 Magazine has an article about it here. I wrote several paragraphs about the film, but in the interest of keeping your Friends page clutter free,Collapse )

Anyway, our CEO toured the Madison office today, and I foolishly didn't straighten up my desk. This is not true. It was clean when I came in, but it got really cluttered as the day went on. Anyway, he came in and had a look around my cubicle. He's greeting lots of people, but I'd bet money that I'm the only man who had to explain to the Corporate Divine that I have pantyhose on my wall "just in case."

I hope I don't get talked to by my boss' boss tomorrow.

Speaking of work-inappropriate clothing, our casual day dress code is changing because apparently some people don't grasp that go-go boots, tube tops and denim miniskirts sporting the word "flirt" are not kosher for passover work. From this point forward, the only casual thing about casual days is that we'll be able to wear jeans (as long as they're "neat, clean and in good condition at all times"). No more t-shirts (blank or otherwise), no more tennis shoes (even on casual days), no more assless chaps (not even for upper management). They don't specifically say that men can't wear bitch-red nail polish, but I'd bet money that it would get me "talked to" (read: fired).

All kidding aside, I'd be annoyed at the company if it had come out of left field. It didn't though. We got a couple of warnings. People ignored them. I think it would have been a better idea to address issues with individual employees than with everybody, but everybody was addressed, and the violators are part of "everybody." I have no problem with penalizing everybody in this situation. I'd just like to know whose fault it is that my shoes must match my socks which must match my pants.

Oh, well. This has been popular on my Friends page today, and I must say, if anybody on my friends list belonged on the chess club in high school, it was axbuford:

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