September 2nd, 2004

Wedding day

Three things I have learned today:

  1. If you keep office supplies in cups on your desk, you should make sure that other people can differentiate between the rubber band cup and your coffee cup.

  2. The stronger the coffee, the darker it is, and the harder it is to see anything lurking in the bottom of your cup.

  3. Coffee-soaked rubber bands taste only marginally better than regular rubber bands.
That's um, pretty much how my day has gone.

Oh, and September's MP3 of the Month is up. It's the in-game music from Jerry the Banana's Curvy Slide into Hell which I am unlikely to ever finish programming. Anyway, memes:

Which movie? by travel_crazy
Favourite colour
You belong in
And your co-star should bethebitingfaery
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take the nerd test.

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I don't know every computer language, but I can certainly get around in some that were considered dead before I was born... Oh, and I can hard-code CICS maps in assembly language. That's worth something.
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Wedding day


Thinning out the ol' DVD collection tonight. I'm selling a bunch of them on eBay, but I don't think I'll link to them because I don't want y'all to know what I'm selling. Actually, it's not what I'm selling that embarrasses me -- it's what I'm keeping. It's the fact that I don't think I'll miss my copies of Johnny Mnemonic or Snow White: A Tale of Terror, but I don't want to part with Ernest: Scared Stupid or the original Shaft trilogy.

So why am I selling these DVDs? Because I have around 160 of them, and I could count the ones I actually watch occasionally on one hand. Well, maybe three hands, but it's not all that many. That, plus the fact that as long as I have all this crap on DVD, I will never be able to justify the purchase of the 11-disc Splu Urtaf Show set. Yeah. I'm seriously considering shelling out my hard-earned cash for The Splu Urtaf Show. There must be something wrong with me.
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