August 23rd, 2004

Wedding day

Things I learned today:

I "haven't got an ass." I was told this by a couple of coworkers this morning. Apparently acting like one just isn't enough.

Tetris is still dangerously addictive Was going through the boxes of stuff I've brought home from my parents' house to determine what to eBay and what to hold on to, and discovered a game called Tetris Worlds which I didn't know I had. It's all 3D, and with a ridiculous galactic conquest plot. This game has eaten up most of my evening.

eBay users are morons who are willing to pay too much for beat-up, bent-up, $1.28-at-Half-Price-Books-and-still-widely-available-new-in-the-same-edition paperbacks, and won't even bid $0.22 for DVDs of Two Moon Junction and the copy of Wild Things the previous tennant left in my closet. Perhaps it was my description of Two Moon Juction as "starring Sherilyn Fenn totally nude and probably some other people, but mostly Sherilyn Fenn totally nude." Ten bucks says that mentioning Twin Peaks in the description would get me my ten bucks back.

Everybody's in the movie Airheads. Somehow I've never seen this movie before. I'm not sure what I think of it yet, but somehow everybody cool is in it and none of them is credited on the packaging.

Nate gets $10,000 birthday presents, in this case 1/3 of a new truck. Yeah, I know.

Strong Bad took the box Marzipan left out on her lawn for me. The proof is in the pudding on the answering machine.
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