August 12th, 2004

Wedding day

The Dilbert Principle in action

Damn it.

Damn, damn, damn, blast it, damn it, damn, damn, damn.

Our United Way guy (who is actually an executive on loan from the bank that's our parent company) has no idea what the hell he is doing.

A couple of months back he sent us out an information packet about this year's campaign. Among the contents of this packet were numerous cards and papers which tie him to our United Way campaign, and a letter saying:

"[Blah blah blah blah blah] Please review the enclosures. I will be setting up a meeting with you in late July or early August."

There are 31 days in August, and early August ended at precisely 8:21 AM yesterday.

This completely failed to enter my mind at the time, of course. When somebody promises to set up a meeting with me about something as important as oh, say, our United Way campaign, I let them tell me when the meeting is. As far as I'm concerned, this meeting is entirely on his shoulders -- the only things I can bring to it are a general idea of how our campaign is going so far. He is supposed to be the one dictating dates and strategies. When I read the letter, I simply placed the meeting on the back burner expecting him to get in touch with Heather (the other United Way Committee captain) or myself in "late July or early August."

After that point I thought nothing of it. Until today.

Today Heather came over to my desk to ask if I'd looked over the pamphlet about the Day of Caring yet. No, I said, I don't have a pamphlet about the Day of Caring. No? It came in the mail today. Well, I didn't get one.

We looked over the pamphlet together. They need an RSVP with a number of people by Monday. Whatsisname should have sent this to us... oh, I don't know, maybe last month? In the middle of last month?

Heather called him, and he apparently had a stack of information packets and a stack of form letters which he simply signed and sent out. He didn't realize that he needed to contact us because we're not a bank branch and he thought we were somebody else's responsibility. The only reason we've been getting correspondence from him in the first place is that somebody had been putting it in with the bank correspondence "by mistake." By now he's had a few meetings with the campaign coordinators from the bank branches, and everything is going along swimmingly.

To play devil's advocate for a moment, the guy is an executive, so this may be the first time anyone's relied upon him to do real, actual, genuine, honest-to-gosh, "let's-earn-our-coffee-break,-shall-we-fellows?" work.

We made some phone calls. There was a lot of swearing. We've gotten an extension on our Day of Caring deadline. There's still a lot of information we need to get from this guy, and he's just as busy as we are so God knows when he'll be able to meet with us.

I'm totally going to call him after business hours and leave a message on his voicemail saying that I haven't consulted with Heather yet, but I just got this Day of Caring flyer in the mail and am wondering when we'll be meeting per the letter he sent us.

Sometimes I just want to cry. Other times, I want to write an autobiography in the style of Douglas Adams.
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