June 23rd, 2004

Wedding day

Watch out, Dubya! Ribs and Meat are a-comin'! (plus Homestar e-mails and NO death ray!)

Well, first things first, I suppose. I'd really like to say something moving and inspirational here, but I'm at work and I'm too busy to put together a proper press release, so I'll have to summarize:

Blah blah blah blah great honor to have been chosen blah blah blah running mate blah blah blah Ribsin Bacon, despite our age blah blah blah America first blah blah blah leadership blah blah blah upholding our country's great traditions blah blah blah six milk bottles and a tuning fork blah blah blah in the coming November election blah blah blah and I got him to say it was ten inches long without batting an eye.

In conclusion, please show your support by visiting the Official Ribsin Bacon/Meat-A-Burst 2004 Campaign Website, and God bless America.

At least, I hope He does, or we're more screwed than I thought.
So there you have it. I'm running as ribsinbacon's vice president. Granted we're not old enough, but I'm 40 in base 6, and that's gotta count for something. As you can imagine, this is kind of a big deal, so I haven't got much else to report today. I do, however, have the Homestar Runner-themed e-mails I sent out regarding today's United Way Casual Day at work. Collapse )

And that's it. There's nothing else to read in this post, so stop here Collapse )
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