June 11th, 2004

Wedding day

Boring birthday briefing, buddy!

Q: What does Colin do on his birthday?
A: Run errands!

Aww yeah. Er, no. Wait. There's nothing fun about running errands. Gotta get the recall notice on my car taken care of, gotta stop at the bank and the grocery store, gotta stop pretending "gotta" is a word... Have laundry and other housework I want to get done, and all before Ellen and I get together this evening. Ah, well. Here's News In Brief, Colin's Birthday 2004 Edition:

  • Thanks to all who have wished me happy birthday. Even you.

  • My housemates have purchased my loyalty once again by chipping in to purchase The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Absolute Edition for my birthday. Youse guys rock, even though none of you (except xoshua) reads my journal.

  • I just got a call from one of my coworkers asking where I'm going to be drinking tonight. Perhaps it's just Wisconsin, but people don't seem to understand that "I never drink and I hate bars" means exactly that. I told him to let people know I'd be at Brothers and they should wait for me if I'm not there yet.

  • Always, always log out of the websites you frequent -- especially LiveJournal. Comments are still pouring in. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you missed it. Sorry.

  • I just sold my crappy digital camera on eBay. Guess how much I got for it? Too high. Guess lower. Seventeen bucks. Know what's even sadder than that? It used to be fairly nice, but I feel lucky to get $17 for it right now. The thing connects via parallel port.

  • ribsinbacon has chosen me as his running mate for the 2004 Presidential Election. Campaign video coming soon.

  • This week's STATshot in The Onion features a reference to The Prisoner. I think I'll go to Borders before I get my car looked at so I can pick up a copy (or The Onion, not The Prisoner). I'm such a dork.

  • Does your copy of Broadway The Hard Way skip for four minutes in the song Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk, despite having been resurfaced and "repaired?" Mine does. I managed to rip clean MP3s, though, by spraying the reflective side with water and patting it dry first. I won't be held responsible if you destroy your CD-ROM drive, and you probably shouldn't tell your friends about this if you plan to borrow any of their CDs in the future, but it works really well for me.
  • Did you know that plastics attract each other? Neither did I, but those kids across the street can't seem to keep their balls away from my car. No, I mean, they're playing with their balls in the street. No, ah, I uh, dammit.
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