May 31st, 2004

Wedding day

Stuff that's not supposed to happen, #628

628. My soup caught fire in the microwave.

Yeah. Soup. Caught fire. I don't know how either. Soup that I made. I know exactly what was in it -- nothing flammable -- and yet the soup caught fire.

Specifically, it looks like one of the carrots caught on fire.

That's right, one of the carrots which was swimming in a thick, rich broth caught fire. In less than three minutes.

I'm in somewhat of a state of disbelief, and my roommates are angry.

Oh, uh, yesterday's wedding was lovely, congrats and best wishes to Benny and Wendy, etc., etc., etc. I don't mean to downplay the wedding, but my soup caught fire in the microwave.

This must be a sign from above.
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