May 27th, 2004

Wedding day

They're okay, the last days of May...

Tired. Need to go to bed. Not going to do it, though. I may put in a movie -- possibly Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe. There's nothing like a good Jesse Ventura movie to put me in the mood for sleep.

Today was pretty uneventful. The Bank of Hawaii shipped a large box of fancy candy to the attention of the AEG, so we pretty much spent all day raiding that. This is actually really weird, because apparently they're not one of our clients, or maybe they are but they don't actually pay for the services of our department. Either way, the AEG spends a lot of time on the phone walking them through stuff they don't actually pay us for, and this is a token of their appreciation.

I think she took home the bath oils.

Anyway, last night I hung out with Ellen. She's feeling better, so we took a walk. On the way home I got a call from april_tehe, so I stopped at her place and talked about work with her roommate Josh who just walked out on his temp position at Metavante. I got home later than I wanted to. Meh. It's nice to see people. Of course, parking wasn't cool because there's been a lot of road maintenence in the neighborhood this week, and nobody wants to park on the street that needs to be evacuated by 7:00 AM. I couldn't find a close legal spot, so I parked illegally and was up bright and early enough to move my car before it got ticketed. I know people who always park like that and always contest the tickets they get, but you know, when the "NO PARKING" sign is posted and visible through the windshield of my car, I figure I'm probably responsible.

Tonight I had dinner at In The Company of Thieves with my sister and my dad, and I figured out my weekend plans. Now I'm home and I'm cursing my DVD drive because it won't read parts of my Blue Öyster Cult A Long Day's Night DVD, which doesn't appear to have any scratches. It plays fine up to one song -- M.E. 262 -- does strange things all the way through the song, and then plays normally through the rest of the disc. I'd kind of like to record the song as an MP3 because I happen to like it, and it's not on the A Long Day's Night CD. Good marketing ploy, that -- give the CD and the DVD different tracklists. Ah, well. Since I'm talking about BÖC and since it's timely, here are the lyrics to Collapse )
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