May 25th, 2004

Wedding day

Not as apathetic as I sound.

I'm waiting out the end of my day here at work.

There's only so much stuff I can do in a day, and I've basically run out of work. What little is left would be best saved for tomorrow. Besides, I've already had to write a couple of tactful letters telling people that they're morons, and that can take a lot out of a guy.

Last night Tom was in Madison. We hung out on State Street, where I saw lots of people I know from high school, but I didn't greet any of them. There's something vaguely comforting about not being recognized by those people. We stopped at Steep 'n Brew where I got an absolutely wretched orange dreamsicle latte. You'd probably like it. I've come to understand that everybody else in the world likes flavored coffee except for me -- bloody savages.

Tonight ribsinbacon and I get together to work on (among other things) his Presidential campaign. I understand that Ribs is too young to run for President, but if any of you were planning on throwing your vote away on Love 22 or somebody like that, you might consider Ribs. As we like to say around the campaign office, "OMG LOL RIBS FOR PRES.!"

On the other hand, anybody planning on throwing his or her vote away on Love 22 in this year's election might as well have Ribs for President.
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