May 23rd, 2004

Wedding day

"It would be nice if you could drop us off, considering how to bed I'd like to get right now."

So yesterday was Great America with Ellen, evil_jim, Tick and Monica. We were worried about the weather, and had planned to go to Mitsawa Market instead if it was pouring down rain when we got to the park, but the rain that began just as we were arriving stopped shortly. It rained on and off throughout the day, but only enough to mess up my hair. We had a good time, blah blah blah, nice to see everybody, blah blah blah, Monica -- who is vegan -- can't eat a single thing there except for baked pretzels and slushies, but she enjoyed herself a great deal. We rode all the cool rides, and agreed that Superman was the bestest ride ever. I won Ellen a Patrick Starfish stuffed toy, or rather, she won it herself. It was a game where unless two players are competing, neither can win a prize, so we both played. It was one of those things where you roll a ball up an incline into holes labeled with point values, and it wasn't a fair game because she was given two balls to play with, and I only got one (no comments from the peanut gallery, please). Nobody really cares who won, since the whole idea was to get her the Patrick doll.

Got back just in time to miss the beginning of Rocky, and since people wanted to go out to eat (apparently three dollar Cokes and four dollar corn dogs just aren't good enough for Jim, and he refused to eat at the park). We went to Denny's, and got back a little after 1:00. It was a good day, and at some point toward the end, I said the quote in the subject of this post. I will never hear the end of it from Ellen.

Today is Dad's birthday celebration, which (I think) means going out to eat and seeing the movie Troy, about which I have heard both exceptionally good and exceptionally bad things from people I trust. We'll see. I will leave you with my current favorite headline, culled from Fark (the headline was on Fark, and is not in the actual article, but I love it anyway):

"New sensor chip can detect Anthrax. Plans for detecting Scorpions and Whitesnake underway"

Yeah, my sense of humor is pretty lame.
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