May 5th, 2004

Wedding day

Hummus? That's some kind of dirt, right?

This morning I was looking for something in my Walpurgisnacht post, and holy wow, I need to proofread better. When I write something like that (and I've done this since I was in middle school), I tend to write a brief summary listing the main points in order. Then I flesh it out inserting new sentences culled from my notes and reference materials until it reaches whatever length it needs to be. After it's "finished," I reread it and smooth everything over so that the text flows smoothly with a minimum of repetition. This is how I was able to put together a 50,000 word research paper on computer game music without tearing all my hair out (not that it needs help, mind you). On Friday I was in a hurry as I was posting (seeing how it was the end of my workday and all), and I skipped the last step. Now that a few days have passed, I think it reads like a 4th grade "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay, except with more witchcraft. Sorry.

I never actually had to write one of those essays.

Anyway, last night Ellen came over and I made that pasta with mushrooms I mentioned yesterday. It came out really well, so the recipe is getting filed for future use. Cooking is not something I can do while I'm in the middle of a conversation I'm genuinely interested in (unless I'm making soup and all I have to do is chop and dump), so the actually process was probably interesting for her to watch. And she was incredibly understanding about the condition of our kitchen which I hadn't noticed since I spend as little time as possible down there. After dinner we went to visit my sister, and I presented her with her birthday gift which she liked. All in all it was a good evening.

Food day at work is better than I'd expected. The expected bagel dip and pistachio bread are here. No tray of raw veggies, but there's a home made salsa and a taco dip and my boss brought in a shrimp dip, so I'm definitely not going to be eating healthily, but at least I'll want to eat the stuff we have. The Woman Who Always Brings In The Devilled Eggs is angrily fuming that somebody else brought eggs, and I'm amused that it's such a big deal. My hummus is going over as well as I'd expected, which is to say that only the small handful of people who know what hummus is are eating it.

I think I'll close today with two things stolen from other journals. First of all, matchstyx posted a link to Sitcom Character or Dictator? I'd seen this before, but the database of characters they catalog has grown since then. Check it out. It's somewhat eerie... It guessed Strong Bad, George W. Bush, Gaz from Invader Zim, Hal from Malcolm in the Middle and Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks (who isn't a dictator or a sitcom character).

Second, thanks to emjay42, Collapse )
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