April 16th, 2004

Wedding day

Random Friday stuff

Go see Rocky!
First and foremost, go to Rocky Horror tomorrow night! Any posts between now and midnight on Saturday will also most likely begin this way. It's cheap. It's fun. It's at the Orpheum on State Street at midnight.

Young, geeky, horny Republicans
Despite the distinct conservative bias it gets from a bunch of students who would definitely not survive a significant public opinion shift to the right, I get more news than I probably should via Fark.com. I'm not sure why I'm so entertained by it, but I got a kick out of a headline posted there this morning: "Hottie writes article on Star Trek and capitalism (with pic of hottie)." I got more of a kick out of the comments people posted about the link, ranging from "i'd nibble on her tribble" to "Dreamy, but what is that scary thing over his shoulder?" (in reference to the accompanying picture of Bill Shatner).

Accurate terms of service would be nice.
This won't affect anybody, but my website will be down for a little while, pending a hosting change from a cheap, lousy service, to a much more expensive, much better one. Am slightly uneasy about the billing. Customer service assured me -- twice -- that once my account was set up, I could select a monthly billing plan within the first five days of my contract. Once I was all set up, I went to their website to make this change and discovered that a monthly plan is available only to customers paying via check (I'm paying with my card) or who signed up before June 1st 2003. I went through all the documentation and terms of service I could find and found no mention of these stipulations except on the account maintenence page. I don't think I'm going to complain or file a dispute. I can afford the whole thing right now, I just wasn't planning to and might have to readjust my budget.

I hate people.
Dinner tonight with my coworkers! And it's gonna suck! That's not true. Dinner will be fine, but DDR has been cancelled, and now a certain someone whose name starts with "H" and ends with "eather" is trying to put something else together instead. I already said no, and I think that hurt her feelings a little, but I don't care. I like my coworkers. I really do. But I don't want to hang out with them.

Brightdark the Blademaster
Not sure just how long it's been up, but I found last night that Brightdark the Blademaster, Doctah Pussay's first "long" work, is available as a PDF file from his website. It's a difficult and possibly unrewarding read, but if like me you get ridiculed for never having been able to get past the first two pages of The Eye of Argon by Jim Thies, you might try Brightdark. At least the author knows he can't write, and it's Collapse )
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Wedding day

Party? What party?

First of all: Come to Rocky Horror at the Orpheum at Midnight on Saturday. Five bucks -- cheaper than cover at The Hole In The Ground, and better than whatever band they have playing.

Nate: I gotta get offa my ass and do something.
Me: Well, it's a gorgeous day outside.
Nate: No, I mean I have to clean. For the party.
Me: What party?
Nate: ...The one we're having tomorrow night.
Me: Why didn't anybody tell me we were having a party tomorrow night?
Nate: We've been planning it forever.
Me: The last part I knew about was going to be on the 3rd, and we vetoed it because it was such short notice.
Nate: Well you just must not be listening.
That's not the case, of course. I was listening. I was listening during the cumulative five minutes of the last month when during which we've actually been in each other's presence. A party was never once brought up. I uh, guess you're all invited, but don't come. Most of you have Rocky to get ready for, and the rest of you, well, the rest of you should just go to Rocky.

I've gotta decide whether Ellen and I should even bother being here.

How High Is Your Sex Drive?
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Oh, dinner with the coworkers went fine, thanks. Maybe I'll discuss it when I have more time.
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