March 26th, 2004

Wedding day

I love my boss

Today I went out for lunch at Friday's with spidermoon77 and our friend Heather. Heather and I had fun giving spidermoon77 a hard time about his intense dislike of the 1980s. Anyway, arriving back at work I had this conversation (because I thought I ought to):

Me: Hey, since I got back half an hour late from lunch, I'm gonna stay until 5:30.
My boss: Why?
Me: So I can get eight hours in today.
My boss: Who cares? Knock half an hour off your lunch when you put it on your timecard.
Yeah, um, I'm getting really used to this whole more-flexible-than-is-reasonable thing my boss does, and I really really need to stop taking advantage of it. Otherwise, my next job will not go well.

After work, ribsinbacon gave me a call and we hung out. We spent some time at Karaoke Kid, and let me tell you: karaoke just doesn't get any better than when Ribs sings Accept's Balls To The Wall and introduces it as "German prance-metal." Now I'm home and have removed my bedclothes from the dryer, so if I were smart, I'd go to bed. Not sure if that's actually gonna happen soon or not.
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