January 11th, 2004

Wedding day

My head is leaking.

  • Per Descartes, Colin's physical existence remained in beta state.

  • Ran several errands

  • Watched more Twin Peaks

  • Did laundry

  • Ellen's work party = Fun

  • Rocky Horror = Fun

  • Ellen = More fun than the other two combined

  • Bed = Happened at 5:30 AM

  • Awoke with headache, sore throat, leaky head

  • Stayed in bed longer than I should have

  • Got up too early (despite staying in bed longer than I should have)

  • Went to Stoughton

  • Felt like reconstituted chicken-fried crap

  • Cancelled evening plans

  • Got back from Stoughton

  • Continued to feel like reconstituted chicken-fried crap

  • Posted in live journal

What's next on my schedule? Well, I'm more or less just planning to lay down and lose consciousness. May or may not hang out with Tom after work tomorrow (if I make it to work (which I probably will, because I'm a dork)) if I don't get exponentially worse. Anticipating having to appologize to Ellen for making her sick. If she's mad, I plan to work the "hey, at least you had fun getting sick, right?" angle.
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    Phish -- Wolfman's Brother