December 24th, 2003

Wedding day

Still at work...

I'm starting this entry at approximately 12:30 PM. I'm working 'til 1:00 today, and the only tasks I have left at my desk either require information that won't be available for at least a couple of days, or are big projects that I won't be able to finish in half an hour. Company policy is to staff until 1:00 PM on December 24th, with minimal 24-hour staffing in the departments that require it. The 24-hour staffing is a good idea in the Risk Prevention department -- if somebody's credit card gets lost or stolen, it should be dealt with as soon as possible. In a department like mine, staffing until 1:00 is more or less pointless. We depend on a constant flow of information from other financial institutions, and most banks, if they're even open on the 24th, are willing only to address really really important matters between the 23rd and the Monday after Christmas.

So I'm bored.

Anyway, like anybody in Wisconsin who had to work today, I was greeted by frosted windows when I went out to my car this morning. This is not usually a big deal, but today it pissed me off because I was running pretty late. I can't really complain too much about something like that since it was my fault. When I got to the passenger side of the car, I found something puzzling: On the window, somebody had written (with their finger, it looks like) "minus Laurie." I have no idea what that means, or why anyone would want to nearly freeze their finger off writing it on my car.

What else? Well, yesterday at work we had our ornament exchange. I drew the name of the fish lover in the department, and he got an appropriate ornament. The AEG drew my name, and while she's comfortable discussing her favorite porn with me, she apparently doesn't know me well enough to get me something cooler than a skating snowman (as opposed to, oh, say, a snowman warming his hands over a pile of burning money). I'm not terribly hurt, especially since I don't have a tree to put them on.

Yesterday I also exchanged gifts with this other girl I work with. We have really similar personalities, which is really unfortunate, since I can't stand her (maybe this should tell me something about myself). Every time there's an excuse to get me something (and sometimes for no reason at all), she gives me a gift -- usually some small, silly toy. I keep promising myself I'll get her something, and it's never happened until this year, when I thought of the perfect gift for her: Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book. I love that book -- I grew up with it. Come to think of it, maybe that's my problem ("F is for fire engine. Does the fire engine ever come to your house? No? That's too bad. Fire engines only go to places where there's a fire.").

Woah, it's already 12:55. I should wrap this up. Alrighty. I'm gonna take off. I hope y'all have a merry Thursday.
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