December 20th, 2003

Wedding day

Woah, scary.

Today at the grocery store I stood in line behind a guy who seems to be the sort of person I'll be in fifty years -- and it was scary. His wife was reading the headlines in a newspaper, and said "Tyson foods recalls patties--" He interrupted her to say "I remember the Pattys. Couplea sweet girls."

This is almost exactly what I was thinking to myself.

I need to start exercising more often and eating a better diet if I expect to live long enough to become that elderly relative who is always saying random, vaguely disturbing non-sequiturs. I think my sister is also hoping for that title.

Anyway, today I got that final royalty check from Whoopee. I can cash this puppy and use it to buy 5.9 copies of One Night At McCool's.
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