November 23rd, 2003

Wedding day

"That Bill O'Reilly sure seems to have his head on straight."

Last night wasn't particularly grand, but it WAS Rocky Horror, and I DID get vocals recorded on a cover of Baby, Take Your Teeth Out (which likely nobody will ever hear). Show was good. Dinner afterward was weird because I was... I was really, really tired. I got home around 4:30, collapsed, and got up at 9. I'll live.

Today was a different story. Today I went with my parents and sister to Milwaukee to have lunch with an aunt and uncle whom I haven't seen in a good five years. It was really weird because in addition to doing that thing where they pinch my cheeks and say "my, you're getting to be a big boy," they also wanted to discuss politics. They grilled my sister and I on whether or not we voted in the last presidential election (the answers were "I'm not old enough" and "yes," respectively), and then proceeded to tell us to watch Fox News and "stay away from NPR."

But um, lunch was good anyway. Mom sent me home with a quart of really good apple cider. And-- oh! I forgot to mention it, but we've had a street since FRIDAY! I parked on it for the first time this evening. I'm irrationally thrilled about it. So thrilled in fact, that I'm going to watch a lousy vampire movie called Reign in Darkness. Is it as bad as the reviews say it is? All I know is that the main character's name is Michael Dorn. Guess who plays him? Not Michael Dorn.
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