November 13th, 2003

Wedding day

Things are (more or less) alright. For now.

It's taken twenty days, but my checks have been received and deposited by the right places. Last night my checking account showed sudden decrease of $653 comprised of my rent, utilities, car insurance, two cell phone payments and a car payment. My cell phone bill now reflects a credit balance of $0.70. I'm pretty happy with this, even though it was money I'd set aside for bills anyway. If the $653 figure seems unreasonably high, keep in mind that these payments are usually spread out over a much longer period of time. I was kind of nervous about the artificial inflation of my bank account, but with yesterday's debits, my poverty is (mercifully) more apparent.

What else? Oh, yeah. For the better part of the last couple of weeks we've been having a problem with our toilet. The valve that fills the tank leaks when it's open, so we've been leaving it closed and opening it only after flushing. When I came downstairs today, there was a note on the dry-erase board stating that a plumber would be in sometime during the day, and per xoshua, he came and went sometime before 9:30. It's all good.

In approximately twenty minutes, we're doing a dry run of tomorrow's NASCAR presentation. I'm a little frightened. If all goes well though, we'll still have some serious work to do to make the cafeteria look like a racetrack for the (brace yourself) Credit Card 250. Yeah, it makes my head hurt too, but we can't get too creative -- after all, this is a business setting, so we can't do a lot of inbreeding and mullet jokes.

Spousal abuse and teen pregnancy are fair game, though.
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Wedding day

"What? What fine? Fine ain't in your vocabulary."

So today started out fantastically well and is ending in a turbulence of worry for the wellbeing of my friends. I probably shouldn't talk about anything specific, but if you're one of the several affected, well, this text-based hug will have to do. Real hugs are available in unlimited supply, but you'll have to contact me to schedule receipt -- I can't be expected to drive all over creation to wrap my arms around things.

Anyway, to summarize the more innocuous events of my day: Tom and I got some work done, the two most attractive women ever ganged up on me to buy me an iced mocha, and I purchased Kleenex.
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