November 7th, 2003

Wedding day

News in Brief

1. I'm potentially creepier than Michael Jackson, per the current poll on Those who don't see my name on the list are reminded that back when I was living at The Pit, my nickname was Lazlo (in reference to the movie Real Genius) because nobody ever saw me. Michael Jackson is actually in the lead against himself with 50% of the vote. Right now I'm at 12.5% -- ahead of Steve Buscemi, tied with Christopher Walken.

2. I imagine nobody cares but me, but they had the Frank Zappa album I was looking for at The Exclusive Company. I picked it up this afternoon. It's rockin' like... Zappa.

3. I've figured out how to circumvent my sound mixing issues, and it's not a pretty solution. The soundfonts I'm using have too much reverb on some of the instruments I want to use, so I've gone back to using an old-school software wavetable emulator for a lot of what I'm working on. Thing is, the strings and winds on the soundfonts I use are so friggin' gorgeous, and I'm not sure how to get them to work with the emulator which is prone to going slowly sharp or flat. Just as when someone is singing unaccompanied, you don't notice the gradual key change, but I can't combine it with other sounds without creating horrid dissonances. I'm working on it. No, really.

4. I lied to a coworker about being busy tonight so I could get out of attending a volleyball game. Sorry, but the attendance of sporting events compares laterally to sitting alone at home in front of the PC.

5. I'm going to do some cleaning. Possibly order Chinese and watch Metropolis (the silent Fritz Lang one, not the ridiculous anime). I used to think about composing a soundtrack to it and distributing it on VCDs. Maybe I should think start thinking about it again.
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