October 31st, 2003

Wedding day

"Are you some kinda robot?"

Today is going alternately very well and sorta poorly. I'll give you the bad news first since it's a) short, and b) not so bad, in the grand scheme of things.

Number one, I don't feel so hot. I'm not scary, oozing sick or anything like that, but I'm beginning to learn that I need more than three hours of sleep to function. On top of this, I'm losing my voice. I'm okay, but I won't be screaming at Rocky Horror, or rather, if I am, you won't hear it. The other thing that's not making me happy right now is the immense pile o' work I want to finish today. Working at a normal, reasonable pace, this stuff might take me two days, but I'd like to get as caught up as I can by the end of the day, and today being Halloween helps nothing.

Now the good stuff. First of all, we're still hounding people to get their United Way pledge forms in (yeah, this is a United Way thing. Skip down if you don't wanna read it), but presently that thing I wrote about having run the most successful pledge drive in company history has turned out to be true. It's pretty friggin' rockin'. Unfortunately, we still need to bug people to get their forms in because company policy dictates that everyone must turn in a pledge form, whether they're giving or not. There always has to be the argumentative person who wants to know why he has to turn in a form. Whether he turns in a form or not is not up to me. I can't get him off the hook. It's company policy. It's stated in black and white in the materials he was given upon being hired. Choosing not to pledge requires that you fill out your name, your five-digit ID number, and check a box that says "I will not be donating this year." In the time it takes him to write a nasty "I don't think I should have to do this" e-mail, he could have filled the form out and turned it in. Twice.

Anyway, yeah. To sum up, the girl and I who ran this year's campaign have done a really good job, and the responsibility falls pretty equally between us.

I also got my paycheck today. You may remember that I worked crazy overtime a couple of weeks ago. Well, it's all show up in my check this week. Don't get all excited -- all of this money is going toward family Christmas gifts (ironic, since my family is decidedly non-Christian). I did, however, have enough money to splurge and get Becki a fork. Sorry Kyle, you're gonna have to share with your girlfriend.

Speaking of forks, they're going over really well today. I gave a brief explanation of this the other day, but I'll run through it again. Here in my department, we're being encouraged to set out dishes of Halloween candy. The thing is, candy's not good for you, and it's not going to last long. Why not pass out something that people can hold onto to remember Halloween at the office? I went out yesterday and purchased a Halloween-themed candy dish, and a whole bunch of forks, which I have set out on my desk and am encouraging people to take. Some people are, some aren't but everybody thinks it's a cool idea. I'm not sure "cool" is exactly what I was going for, but I'm entertained.

Oh, the poster in my cubicle didn't win a prize. I'm crushed. My costume is going over better than I wanted it to though. I took a fedora and taped a sign to it that says "Robot." Yes, I'm a robot who's so realistic that I had to be labeled. There is one guy with a much cooler costume, though. It's the Winnie The Pooh outfit he wore when he was a little kid. He doesn't quite fit into it, but if you bug him enough, he'll put the head on and stick his hands in the mittens. If I were a different person it might be adorable, but as it is, he just looks grumpy, which is pretty funny.

Finally, we're having a food day (I hate that name) today. I brought hummus, chips and grapes. At this point, people may be wondering why I eat so much hummus. I don't really, but I've been making it more often recently because it's easy, it's good for you, and it tastes really, really good. I've been bringing it to food days for a couple of years. At first it was because none of my coworkers could cook, and I can only eat so much cheese, sausage and coffee cake without throwing up. Right now my coworkers are overwhelmingly health-conscious women, which means a greater variety of foods. In this case, I used to use food day as an excuse to make hummus so I could bring home all the leftovers (which is why I brought in the grapes). Today though, there's a problem. For this batch, I added a bunch of scallions and a cucumber and some tomatoes, and people keep coming over to tell me how good it is. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed because it means I'll won't get much in terms of leftovers. 's okay. The Absolute Epitome of Gorgeous (remember her?) made pumpkin bars, and wants to send some home with me. She tried the hummus (something she's always refused to do in the past) and said "it's pretty good. For hummus."

Oh, incidentally:
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