October 25th, 2003

Wedding day

Damn, people are confusing.

So I just got a phone call.

It was from my ex-girlfriend, Jessica.

I don't think any of you have heard of Jessica, but she's... well, how do I put this? She's out of my league. She's out of your league, too (judging by the sort of people I know are reading my livejournal). She's unbelievably attractive, to the point where she can pretty much have her pick of any straight guy she wants, and she knows it. The walls of her parents' house are lined with photos from her highschool dances. In these photos she's always with some football player whose muscles are too big to fit in frame. I have never understood why she had any interest in me in the first place. Our relationship lasted somewhere in the ballpark of thirty seconds because we have nothing in common whatsoever.

At all.

But she likes to renew her contacts every once in awhile, and she called me this afternoon. Guess what? It's her birthday! Do I want to hang out with her at the bar tonight? I don't know.

I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. But, more likely than not, I'll probably head down there, say "hi," and then take off for Rocky Horror. At least, that's how I'd like it to work. I have no idea what will actually happen, and in this particular situation, I mean that very literally. Aargh, aargh, aargh, aargh, aargh. With any "luck," she'll be with the boyfriend I met in June -- he's a nice guy, but we didn't really get along, and it would give me an excuse to take off early. It almost seemed as if he felt threatened by me, which is pretty stupid considering that I'm a Corporate Sub-Sub-Peon, Second Class, and he's a rugged, muscular history teacher.

Anyway, I'm also listening to a CD by my friend jon paul duvall... I ran into him at a conference in August and purchased his new album, brought it home, gave it one listen, and then got busy with stuff and forgot about it. I'm listening to it again, and it's really, really good.
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