October 23rd, 2003

Wedding day

Things That Suck #9

I'm a little pissed off right now.

Let's start with the good things in my life. I had a pretty good evening last night.

I'd driven to Janesville, hung out with my friend Tom, and had a fantastic tuna calzone at a cafe called The Bistro.

I really like The Bistro.

I've been there a few times, and it's been a great relief to find it. We used to go to Cafelli's on State Street -- the atmosphere was very conducive to writing, which is generally what Tom and I do when we get together. If you've read the draft of Assassin: A Love Story, you can thank Cafelli's for helping Tom write it. We got a lot of work done there, but eventually the price of storefront property on State Street increased. The management of Cafelli's responded by making substantial changes which proved detrimental, and they were forced to close. Tom and I no longer had a good place to write. The Student Union is too noisy, and too full of people I know. Amy's Cafe, while a good place to get a reuben, isn't exactly conducive to writing. We were nearly at a loss.

But then Tom moved to Janesville. At first, this was an annoyance at best. It's out of the way, and it's relatively small. Janesville is a relatively boring place. In fact, the only noteworthy things I can think of about the city are that it has the greatest concentration of headshops I've ever seen, and their public library has an unbelievable selection (they have three Gorman Bechard novels and the soundtrack from Eraserhead, fercryinoutloud). For awhile, Tom and I were at a loss for places to go, but then we discovered The Bistro. Nice subdued atmosphere, incredibly good, cheap food. Very, very nice place.

Oh, and speaking as someone who doesn't like tuna, the tuna calzone is really good.

So Tom and I went to The Bistro, got some work done, and then drove over to Milton so Tom could get a ride to UW Whitewater's Japanese Culture Club meeting. JCC is actually the same thing as UW Madison's Anime Club, but it has a better name. Before Tom and his ride left, I got to speak for awhile with my friends Keith and Lindsay, whom I haven't seen for some time, and I got to meet their seven new kittens. Anybody need kittens? They'll still be cute for at least another month.

That's where the good part of the evening ends. After dropping Tom off, I drove back to Madison, and discovered that they'd turned off the water on our street.

I live on Washburn Place in Madison. Washburn is one of those little block-long streets that comes off Gorham, and you've never heard of it. You'd recognize it though -- it's where construction is slowing daytime traffic to a crawl. If you drive down there during the day, I recommend that you either stay in the left lane, or be prepared to break hard and fast over the crest of every hill because the workers aren't smart enough to put up "road work ahead" signs. Anyway, I bring up the contruction to explain that we all knew the water shutoff was coming. What we didn't know is when it would happen. Generally they let you know about these things at least a day or so in advance, but apparently they either didn't tell us, or only told the girls who live downstairs.

Either way, I'm not happy. I'm putting in half an hour of overtime today because, well, there was no reason to be at home this morning. I brushed my teeth and wetted my hair with lime Klarbrunn before coming in to work, and physicall, I feel pretty lousy. It doesn't help that I'm gonna have people coming to my desk all day -- "Oh, hello. Excuse me. I'm sticky."
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