October 15th, 2003

Wedding day

Warning: Soapbox ahead


Can you guess where I am at this precise moment?

That's right. I'm at work. And can you guess how long I've been here?

That's right. I've been here since six in the friggin' morning. And I'm going to stay until around ten friggin' thirty P-friggin-M. Of my own friggin' accord.

Oh, well. Anyway, the four United Way campaign meetings went really well. We performed an infomercial, with a giant cardboard TV and a disclaimer at the beginning and everything. Apparently we rocked the house, which is amazing to me. Last night I was pretty depressed because our presentation was completely devoid of jokes, but today people kept coming up to me all day to tell me how funny our presentation was. Delivery is everything. People also kept commenting on how good I apparently look in a suit. I was actually thinking a little while ago about ditching my entire wardobe and wearing nothing but suits. Perhaps this is a sign.

Anyway, a lot of all y'all (those of you still reading (hi, Mom (except that my mom doesn't read this))) are probably wondering why United Way is such a big deal to me. To these people, I have to give a twofold answer. First of all (and this is the boring, serious answer), United Way provides resources (both human and monetary) to an enormous number of great agencies and organizations. In Dane County alone, nearly 100 agencies receive resources from United Way, and I can almost guarantee you've had contact with at least one of them. Ever received a condom at The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Those condoms are (or at least, they were at one time -- I assume they still are) provided by AIDS Network Madison, which is a United Way participating agency. Know anyone who received help through Briarpatch? Elder Care? Family Centers? The Salvation Army? Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center? Ever adopt a pet through the Humane Society of Dane County? These agencies all participate in United Way. To me, United Way is a great cause to support.

The other answer basically boils down to the fact that it's a helluva lot of fun. The company I work for has a long history of support for United Way by upper management, which means that we have clearance to do a lot of stuff. A lot of fun stuff. Apparently people are enjoying it -- the number of staff we have has increased over the last year, but the sum of pre-pledge donations is disproportionately high -- 291% higher than the last few years' average number of employees to total donations ratio. It's for a good cause, I get to screw around at work (boy howdy do I ever) and at the end of the day, being half of the team of peons who managed, without any marketing experience, to run what's looking to be the most sucessful United Way campaign in company history looks INCREDIBLY good on a resume.
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