October 12th, 2003

Wedding day

Things to be thrilled about, #454:

Several months ago I did some necessary upgrading and reconfiguring on my computer. Unfortunately, these changes rendered my scanner unusable with my system. I was reasonably bummed.

Anyway, today I went, armed with a 10% discount coupon, to one of those big, evil electronics stores in the hopes of purchasing a new scanner. I'd spent all morning justifying the expenditure.

Once I actually got to the store, I figured out what I wanted, and took it up to the register. The guy managed to ring up the scanner incorrectly. It then took FIFTEEN MINUTES to correct the mistake. By the end of the fifteen minutes the guy was pretty apologetic and gave me an enormous discount without provocation -- I didn't even have to raise my voice, or start any sentences with the words "now look here." I paid $29 for an $80 scanner. Wah hoo.

Anyway, what else is going on? Well, last night I went to Rocky, as per usual. I was expecting the Janesville contingency of Us to show up, but they didn't. Bastards. Otherwise though, the show was a lot of fun. Unfortunately there was also a Badger football game last night, which means that the streets were filled with drunks. I didn't deal with much of this, but apparently they made things very unpleasant for some of my friends. I can't imagine how much fun the Halloween show will be, but I'm not sure I want to drive in downtown Madison that night.
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