October 11th, 2003

Wedding day


This is gonna be quick -- I wanna get some sleep and be up bright and early in the morning and, well, it's 1:04 AM, so it's already early in the morning.

Either way.

You know how I've been threatening to put my website back online? Well, frankly most of you probably don't, but I have been, and it's finally up: www.sacredpotato.com. No, this is not the same site I used to have in high school-- there's a point at which we all must move on, and there's simply no place in my current website for Adopt-A-Potato, The Catholic Girls Page, or the Six-Letter Words Which Begin With Q And Are Frequently Used By Republicans Page. I'm not likely to bring the Jellybean Trick back either.* Sorry.

Anyway, there's not much up there yet, but I just wanted to get started with a few pages. More will be forthcoming. At the very least, I'll be putting up a feature about how NOT to dispute the unauthorized charges on your credit card.

I'll keep you posted on that one. I promise you'll like it.

* Actual pages from the actual website that I actually only got around to deleting actually this actual year.
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