September 9th, 2003

Wedding day

The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary

Anybody else remember that game? No? That's okay. It's nowhere near as cool as Sam and Max.

So the Day of Caring went off more or less without a hitch. We could've used more people. Oh, and I was recovering from severe food poisoning, either from blueberries or chicken, but it seems they both seem unlikely to me. It's good thing my vegan friends don't read my LiveJournal, or I'd get a stern talking to about how everything negative in my life, from my food poisoning to the car accident I was in earlier this year is a result of my eating chicken. Um, anyway, I was up all night with that, and while it may not have been serious in any clinical sense, any situation in which stuff is coming out of my body and I can't stop it falls into the severe category for me.

Other than that, nothing special to report, except that this afternoon my boss' boss brought in a tray of finger food which included a dish of hummus. I said something like "I'm gonna try the hummus," and was corrected. "It's roasted-garlic cheese," she said. So I tried it, and by golly, it's hummus. I know that it's hummus because (aside from the distinctive taste of tahini) it's the same brand I used to buy when I was too lazy to make my own.

I've actually looked up to this woman quite a bit in the past, and now it's difficult to take her so seriously, knowing that she can't read a label. How do I deal with this situation?