July 20th, 2003

Wedding day

Things That Piss Me Off, #634 (Collect 'em all!)

634. My primary e-mail account is through Hotmail which has a wonderful spam filter. Well, it's supposed to be wonderful, anyway. On the highest level, the filter blocks out all messages but those I specify. Right now it's on the next setting below that, and I have 38 new messages since, oh, let's call it 3 hours ago. Not a single one of those is from someone I know.

On the other hand, someone named SAKC ITS HUGE says that "It can magically be augment by up to.... .... SIX TO 12 INSES! TO produce stronger eretcions and makr premature ejaculation stop 3+ as fast! you will be A STOUND!"

I'm not entirely sure what Mr. Sakc Its Huge is trying to sell me here, but I know a guy who used to be a stound, and he still can't lift anything over 15 pounds.